Tell Your Own Story Better

While knowing the essential building blocks of your story is important, it is insufficient by itself. Effective storytellers have the ability to dynamically reconfigure these basic components into new forms specific to the needs and interests of each audience. While the core of your story remains the same, the way you tell it will be different every time.

What you'll get

At 20SecondStory, we don’t just leave you with a finished ad or a piece of content; we give you the tools you need to truly integrate your story into your day to day activity. These tools can include:

  • In-person or remote training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Field testing
  • Embedding of your story into design and creative materials
  • Refinement of your communications and content creation processes

Our goal is to ensure that you gain the needed skills to realize the full benefit from the work you have done in defining the essential building blocks of your story.

As time goes on, circumstances change. You and your story will need to adapt to new conditions. We will show you how to surface new building blocks in the future, and discard old ones as you evolve and grow. By leaving you with powerful tools so you can be self-reliant, rather than with static content, we ensure that the benefit you gain from working with us will be obtained again and again as you encounter new situations and respond to new opportunities.

Want to learn more?

One of the best ways to get started learning about our offerings is to attend one of our free webinars. During these sessions, you'll have the opportunity to hear first-hand from our consultants how they have helped others find their essential building blocks and build the 20 second story that's right for them.

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