Enable Your Advocates

At 20SecondStory, we understand that you are not alone. People have always depended on the stories that others tell about them to build their reputations and extend the reach of their marketing and communications efforts. In our highly connected world, this is even more the case: bloggers, reviewers, social media gurus and pundits all have something to say. Even within your organization, your story is told and retold by employees, service personnel, partners and other members of your extended network.

Give your advocates the tools they need

We give you the tools to enable this broad community to tell your story accurately and well, so that however your audience interacts with you, first-, second- or even third-hand, they will understand those same essential building blocks as you intend. These tools include:

  • Market testing and continuous refinement of your story to identify points of confusion or misunderstanding in specific audiences
  • Alignment of creative, brand and design elements to reinforce and support the essential building blocks of your story
  • Identification of communication channels appropriate to your audience and development of specific stories to take advantage of them
  • Cultivation of well-connected champions and supporters who can convey your story to their own networks and communities
  • Training of personnel who interact with your audience directly (such as customer service, support and sales) to ensure that audiences are receiving the right messages through their touchpoints with you
  • Most importantly, we leave you with tools and insights that you can use on your own, so that you can take ownership over how your story grows, changes and reaches new audiences over time.

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