Find your building blocks

At 20SecondStory, we believe that authentic stories are compelling stories. Authentic stories can’t be made up – they must emerge from what you do each day, from the words and language that you naturally use in your interactions with others. Our method reveals the essential building blocks of your authentic story, helping you to communicate the most important parts of your message in a clear, concise and consistent manner.

How we do it

We begin the process by analyzing language you are already using, applying statistical methods and linguistic analysis to your documents, e-mail, social media and marketing materials. We look outward as well, to the language that customers and partners use to describe their interactions with you. From this set of insights, we derive an understanding of how you perceive yourself, and are perceived by others, today.

Next, we look at your aspirations, and the plans you have for growth and change. We think through the implications of the story you are telling about your future, and determine whether it is helping or hindering your progress in the desired direction.

Finally, we assess your overall context, and the broader conditions in which you operate. Over time, your audience develops preferences for certain types of communication; we examine these constraints and use them to frame and refine the language that you generate.

From this analysis, we help you extract the essential building blocks of your story. These are basic components that will be part of every story you tell, and that will remain consistent throughout your communication, whatever the audience, because they are what differentiate you and the value you bring from others. Through the remainder of our interaction with you, and on an ongoing basis, you will leverage these building blocks as the foundation for many different types of stories that reveal your most essential and authentic qualities in a manner that is relevant to the audience you are trying to reach.

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